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The National Disability Insurance Scheme funds a variety of support services to enable people living with disability to conduct their lives to the fullest, assisting both them and their caregivers in a myriad of ways, including with transportation.

Your Family Care are registered NDIS transport providers and we work with NDIS Participants in Sydney City and throughout Greater Western Sydney including Parramatta, Blacktown, Penrith, Richmond, and Windsor.

Getting where you need to go may not seem particularly complicated for most people, especially in the Sydney Metropolitan area with its numerous options for public transport, rideshare services, taxis, and private vehicles.

For people living with a disability, however, getting from one place to another can be significantly challenging. They can face many obstacles in terms of their physical mobility and other considerations which may make it difficult for them to secure and safely access public and/or private transportation to get exactly where they need to go.

How Can Transportation Services Assist NDIS Participants?

Transport is essential for living a normal, rewarding life, no matter who you are or your stage in life.

People with disabilities are often enormously challenged by a lack of independence which is driven by their personal circumstances, and these impacts can extend beyond the ability to travel. Mobility can be a core struggle that hinders one’s ability to drive a normal car or ride on public transport. Furthermore, issues including vision impairment, cognitive impairment, and other medical issues can also dramatically limit one’s independence and ability to travel normally.

The result is that the individual is significantly restricted from getting around and attending appointments, school, work, shopping, travelling, and visiting family or friends.

Too many people living with disability are home-bound and unable to participate in life to their fullest potential. Your Family Care strives to enable a new level of independence for NDIS Participants in our area, empowering our clients to participate more fully in their community and social circles and to attend appointments, events, and other obligations.

What Transport Services Can Your Family Care Provide?

Your Family Care works with NDIS Participants to find the right transportation solution that meets their travel needs, ensuring they get where they need to be safely and on time, and as frequently as they need to. We cater to individuals with diverse abilities and needs, and we tailor our solutions as required for each client.

Our NDIS transport services provide valuable assistance to help NDIS Participants effectively navigate their community and participate in the activities that matter to them as independently as possible. Whether using public transport, taxis and rideshare operators, or your own or another person’s private vehicle, we can help you get to and from:

NDIS Transport Guidelines

The NDIS provides funding that supports the use of public transport, community transport services, some taxi- and private-vehicle-associated costs, and private vehicle modifications to meet the unique needs of people living with disabilities.

The amount of Transport Assistance the NDIS provides is an annual figure based on the individual’s needs and their NDIS Plan. Support within an NDIS Plan for employment or study/school participation will usually deliver higher levels of transportation funding. Funding may also cover Driver Training for people with disabilities as well as transport-related equipment and aids.

Please contact us today to discuss your needs and we will be delighted to provide a quote.

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